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10/5 is the day of Metal Monkey in the lunar month of Earth Dog. This is a harmonious combination. It favors competition and occult research.
This day is designated as excellent and close. It is ideal for traveling, building, moving house, and launching a new business.
A close day is good for closings.
The lunar mansion this day is Ji, Basket, It is good for door alignment, and all things having to do with fengshui.
Monkey, the sign of this day, is the Star of Travel for Tiger, Horse, and Dog. If you were born in a year or day of one of these three signs, this is a good day for traveling, changing you work place, and making progress in your career.
Monkey is harmonious with Monkey, Rat, Dragon, Rooster, and Dog; indifferent to Ox, Rabbit, Horse, and Sheep; and clashes with Pig, Tiger, and Snake.
The I Ching hexagram, using the King Wen method, is number 54, line 3.

Hexagram 54 is Guimei, The Marrying Sister. The symbol is the sun obscured by threatening clouds.

Line 3 The marrying sister as a concubine. You can't rely on others. The zodiac sign, Ox, is strong by the season, and by the hexagram, represents support. Ox is partly harmonious with the signs of changing lines 1 and 4, and is harmonious with the signs of the day and month. Gold in Earth. Profits ahead. The Metal of Metal Monkey day puts a dragon in line 3. It is a time of action.

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