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Services at the Quest Bookshop - Readings at the Quest Bookshop

Saturdays, 12PM - 5PM
Call (212) 758-5521 for appointments

Lorraine CalculliTarot, though ususally associated with divination, can be remarkably accurate in clarifying your present mental, spritual or emotional state. When we ask the question, "what do I need to know in this situation or at this time" the cards can provide insight into our own inner wisdom. This is because the cards represent archtypal energies which are illustrated variously in the different decks. They can become a valuable tool on our path to self knowledge and can be used with meditation.

Lorraine uses the Rider Waite Smith tarot in general, but will consult other decks for comparison and clarification.

She is a long time student of Tarot and Esoteric Astrology and past member of the Theosophical Society.