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Ben Oofana began his training with Horace Daukei, the lsast survigving traditional doctor among the Kiowa Indian Tribe. His work continues to evolve and expand through training with Shifu Li Tai Liang in the Internal arts of Xin Yi Quan and Baguazhang as well as the traditional vision quest. He is the author of the book Emergence: Heal Your Body and Mind - Fulfill Your Life's Purpose.

Ben Oofaa

Ben's areas of specialization include heart disease, neurological, digestive and respiratory disorders and physical trauma resulting from sports injuries and automobile accidents. These healing sessions help to rehabilitate those who have suffered stroke or head trauma. They also help people to recover much faster after surgery.

Ben is especially gifted in his ability to habilitate individuals who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The painfully debilitating emotions associated with depression, anxiety and panic attacks, breakups, divorce or the death of a loved one are softened and diffused.

Ben's work is very helpful for people who are going through major life transitions. The individual healing sessions hep to awaken the deeper instinctual awareness residing within. They will also enable you to become firmly rooted in your body and develop the resources and capabilities needed to fulfill your life's purpose.

To learn more go to www.doiohm.com or call Ben at (913) 927-4281