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Services at the Quest Bookshop - Readings at the Quest Bookshop

Tuesdays and Thursdays: Walk-ins and by appointment, Noon - 6:30 PM.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, by appointment only, Noon - 6:30 PM
Call (917) 951-8278 to make an appointment.


Bart Lidofsky has been doing readings for almost 40 years, and has been practicing astrology for over 15 years. He is currently a member of the American Federation for Astrological Networking and the National Center for Geocosmic Research, and is a member of and has acted as an adviser for the the American Tarot Association. He has been a frequent lecturer at the New York Theosophical Society (where he formerly served on the Board of Directors), as well as at esoteric conferences in the New York/New Jersey area. You and he will work together to personalize your astrological consultation. He will lead you through your horoscope, giving you practical tools with which to enhance your situation in life or deal with a problem at hand. He can also provide you with customized computer generated reports, for your own personal use.

The basis of astrological readings is the horoscope, a view of the heavens from the point of view of the Earth at a given moment, such as your birth. Most modern astrologers (as does he) agree that the positions of the stars and planets have no direct effect on humanity or individuals. There is a basic underlying connectivity of all things, and the positions of the stars and planets are indicators rather than causes of the forces in our own lives.

In an astrological consultation, you and Bart can examine one or more appropriate horoscopes, to determine how you can best proceed to attain the goals you wish to achieve, even goals of which you were not previously aware. He can provide several different forms of consultations, depending on what your needs are. One week advance notice is needed for detailed personal consultations. An audio recording of your session can be made, at your request.

Note: Your date, time and place of birth is important to most astrological readings. An approximate time is better than none, but the results will be less detailed and not as accurate. The exception is horary readings (answering specific questions) which do not require birth information.

Services and Fees:

Full Natal Reading ($200, includes one hour consultation, 1 week advance notice required):

This is the most common form of reading done today for individuals. It also provides a baseline for many other readings. The horoscope is taken at the moment of birth, and gives the basic parameters for your life. Included is a chart of your natal horoscope, Bart's notes., and a one hour consultation. Bart will need your birth date, place, and, if available, time. Bart can combine a full natal reading with a return (see below) for $200; it includes a 1 1/2 hour consultation.

Returns ($200, includes one hour consultation, 1 week advance notice required):

These are taken when planets return to natal (birth) position, and gives information about your life for the period in between returns. The most common are the Solar Return, which covers one year, the Lunar Return, which covers one month, and the Saturn Return, which takes place about every 30 years. These extend your natal reading for the period in between their occurrences. They can be taken alone, but are more accurate if Bart has previously done a natal reading for you. They include a chart, Bart's notes, and a one hour consultation. Bart will need your birth date, place, and, if available, time. Bart can combine a full natal reading with a return (see above) for $200; it includes a 1 1/2 hour consultation.

Synastry/Relationship analysis ($325, includes one to two hour consultation, 1 week advance notice required):

This reading is for two people in a relationship with each other, or who are considering a relationship with each other, particularly a romantic one. It compares the natal horoscopes of the two people, and helps determine compatibilities as well as potential difficulties in the relationship, so that they find the best way to pursue that relationship. It includes printout of your chart, Bart's notes, and a one hour consultation with you, and, optionally, with your partner or potential partner. Bart will need both birth dates, places, and, if available, times.

Walk in Readings ($60 per half hour):

Bart can provide several types of readings on a walk-in basis when he is at the Quest Bookshop. You may call ahead and make an appointment if you wish. If you have one or more specific questions, He provides "horary" readings. These are performed by analyzing the horoscope of the question itself, rather than the person asking the question. When accurate birth dates and times were not kept, this was once the most common form of astrology, and can be extremely effective. If you are looking for the best date to perform a task Bart can analyze an "electional" horoscope to find the best available date and time. These take about 15-20 minutes to prepare, and will be followed by a 10-15 minute consultation.
In addition, if you prefer, and have your birth date and place (and, if available, time), Bart can examine your progressed natal horoscope and transits, and see how these relate to your current situation in life. These readings he will do with you, and take about 30 minutes.

If there are problems indicated within the reading, he can supplement it with a short Tarot reading (included), to help identify the best way to deal with the difficulty.

Printed Horoscope Charts ($5 each, free natal chart for walk-ins):

Bart can provide for you a horoscope chart of the date, time, and place you desire. Bart will help you determine the details you want in your chart (or you can simply use his standard chart design). Bart will provide for you, at no charge, your natal chart during his normal walk-in hours (Tuesdays and Thursdays, noon - 7 PM). He will also point out some of the highlights of your chart as it is being printed.

Computer Generated Printed Reports:

Bart can provide you with computer generated reports. While, with his personally created reports, Bart can analyze patterns and relationships that are beyond the capability of the computer generated reports, the computer generated reports can still be useful, particularly the astrological "weather" forecasts. These do not include a consultation, and are available on a walk-in basis. They are $20 in electronic form (PDF), optionally on CD, and $25 in printed form. Available are natal (birth) horoscopes, astrological “weather” forecasts for the next three months (more detailed) or the next year (less detailed), and relationship reports (for two people). The reports are 25-35 pages long, and include advice on how to use them.