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Mondays and Wednesdays, 12:30 PM - 6:30 PM
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Phone: (212) 502-0775

Standard rates for Tarot and Oracle Belline readings.

Raphael Simons


In-Depth Chinese Astrology Readings with Raphael

Raphael will answer any question you have in detail. Half-hour readings $50.

Delve into any area of your life in detail

  • health
  • career
  • money
  • relationships
  • location
  • education
  • luck

Raphael will help you find an answer to any question.

Raphael is an internationally acclaimed psychic reader, astrologer (Chinese and western astrology), channeler, and author. For the past 35 years Raphael has been reading for people in New York, nationwide, in Europe and in Australia.

Highly skilled in a number of methods, Raphael is offering readings at Quest Books using Tarot Cards and the wonderful Oracle Belline, a French cartomancy deck. Raphael also offers special readings using the very precise Chinese astrological-I Ching system called the King Wen method.

Oracle Belline:

The Oracle Belline is a very special and beautiful deck of cards used by French seers since the early 19th century. These cards are rarely found in the US. A reading with the Belline cards can go into great depth, find out many interesting things, bring up surprising news, make predictions, resolve doubts, and give clear answers to your questions. It is an excellent medium for giving psychic readings, and is highly recommended.

Rates: 20 Minutes: $40 - 30 Minutes: $60 - 1 hour: $100

Chinese Astrological I Ching Readings

Called "The King Wen Method" and used by traditional Chinese astrologers, this method connects classical Chinese astrology to the I Ching. The King Wen method is used to find out about the circumstances in your life, such as your business, finances, relationships, home, travels, and so on, and it gives precise answers to specific questions. There is nothing in life that cannot be viewed through the King Wen method. It is very reliable.

Full Chinese Astrological Reading (by appointment only)

Based on the date and time of your birth, it tells everything about you: business, money, health, relationships, and more.

By advance appointment only (Call 212-502-0775). The fee is $150.

Spiritual Healing

Through spiritual healing you can positively transform your situation in life. Clear up and release the negative conditions that adversely affect, and hold you back in your life, career, and relationships. Resolve, release, and heal inner conflicts, fears, phobias, and emotional wounds.Free yourself of emotionally, mentally, and financially draining situations and conditions, and find the strength to move forward.

One free telephone consultation before sessions begin is offered to discuss your situation and determine whether this is for you.

Raphael was trained and certified as a hypnotist and healer in North Carolina, where he facilitated stress management groups at Duke University. Raphael works intuitively on a high spiritual level for positive results.

The fee is $125 per session.

Psychic Readings

By psychic reading Raphael is able to look in depth into your situation, and bring insights and clear messages from spirit guides who resonate with you. Your questions will be answered.

Raphael has had many years of experience in psychic reading and channeling.

The fee is $150.